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70s Sci-Fi Was All About Hexagons

70s Sci-Fi Was All About Hexagons

When one looks into the future — all the way to the year 2000 — one observes that angles and points dominate the design landscape. Which makes sense: all the trappings of the futuristic lifestyle, from interstellar travel to incredibly tiny freeze-dried portions of food, rest on advances in the world of science. And what better way to honour the contributions science and math have made to our future lives than by covering everything from clothes to buildings with geometric shapes?

But not just any geometric shape will do. Circles are reminiscent not so much of the future as envisioned by our forefathers, but of New Age gatherings and covens of witches. Triangles are already represented in our roofs and percussion instruments. Squares and rectangles are too matter-of-factly sturdy and pedestrian; that’s what shape our waffles and books are now, for heaven’s sake! In the future, designers will get a little more creative with their protractors, busting out parallelograms, trapezoids, and the mighty hexagon.

Oh, the hexagons you’ll see, as you slurp up your soylent green and wait to be exterminated upon your thirtieth birthday. When you map out complex chemical compounds, there they’ll be. When you pour your cereal, you’ll eat it out of a hexagonal bowl. When you put on your androgynous silver jumpsuit, you’ll accessorize it with a hexagonal belt buckle.

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